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Dear Mayor and Commissioners,

I am seriously concerned about the ‘Related Proposal’ that would change the character of the City property at the Hollywood Beach Community Center from the people’s place to a high-rise condo building. This special character is why many of us prefer Hollywood. I believe that it is your duty to preserve it.

The following are just three of many reasons why you need to reject this project:

The present proposal would subjugate these primary uses to minor items when compared to the activities of the proposed 30 story, massive, building.  It would be a significant deviation from the existing site improvements and the adjacent neighborhood.  It would dwarf everything around it.

This property, 1301 S. Ocean Drive, was deeded to the City by the Developer of ‘The Summit’ in trade for that project exceeding the zoning density requirements in force at the time. There are no multi-story buildings on the 1301 S. Ocean Drive site for a reason. To build a 30-story building on a site that was intended to compensate for the density of a neighboring building would be hypocritical.

Finally, the real estate market in South Florida is very strong. Hollywood beach is one of the best beaches in all of the state. Why would there be a need to promote, and underwrite development? I believe that the city should preserve its land assets for Hollywood generations to come.

Thank you.